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The Skin Deep Promise


The staff at Skin Deep believes in treating our customers with the utmost respect.  You will always be treated with a smile and friendliness at Skin Deep.  Our artists will ensure that all of our customers are comfortable and happy with Skin Deep’s services.

We believe in providing a clean and sterile environment. The artists and studio are licensed with the State of Nebraska. The tattoo studios are cleaned thoroughly after every customer. The entire shop is thoroughly cleaned daily. Each customer gets new sterilized needles and tubes which are properly disposed of after each use.   Owner, Shawn Pierce’s wife jokes that he is a “germ-o-phobe”, and that is not entirely inaccurate. So you will always find his shop sparkling white.

Shawn, being the type of guy that loves to have the coolest and most modern tools, will always have the most modern equipment at Skin Deep. The jewelry used in body piercings are the highest quality American made implant grade jewelry for your safety and to promote healing.  From the tattoo machines, to the custom tattoo chair for customers and even to the customer computer in the waiting room, Shawn makes sure he has the best to provide his customers.  Having the most modern equipment also helps to ensure that Skin Deep provides the best tattoos with the least amount of pain and that our customers have a comfortable experience during their visit to Skin Deep.

Quality tattoos and piercings in a clean, modern and friendly environment.
That’s the Skin Deep promise.

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