Quality Jewelry

image of two types of jewelry used for piercings, one cheap and then Skin Deeps quality jewelry


  • Piercings heal best with metals that are nickel free and are biocompatible. We only use American made Implant Grade Titanium Jewelry. This is the same material used in orthopedic surgeries. We use American made because we can obtain mill certificates to prove the purity of the material, those using cheap Chinese produced products most times can’t get mill certificates to prove material purity.
  • When new skin grows it will stick to nicks and imperfections in the surface finish of the jewelry, when the jewelry moves it tears the new formed skin, this builds scar tissue and prolongs the healing process. Imperfections also are good hiding spots for bacteria. Our jewelry has a mirror polished surface to avoid this.
  • Our jewelry is internally threaded. This means that the part that passes thru the hole in your skin does not have sharp threads that are going to be abrasive to fresh tissue.
  • The gems in our jewelry are Swarovski Zirconia, lab created Opal, Natural stones like turquoise, amber or paua shell. You won’t get that with the cheaper alternatives.