Tooth Gems

Tooth Gems FAq

What is a Tooth Gem?

A tooth Gem is a temporary, non-invasive procedure that entails adhering dental grade jewelry to your tooth/teeth.

A tooth ails placing jewelry on your tooth/teeth

Are Tooth Gems Safe?

Yes, the same dental adhesive used to fix your teeth and apply braces is used to bring a little more sparkle to your smile. However, unlike braces, Tooth Gems don’t require the addition of bands and wires cause unneeded stress on the teeth. This makes toothing gemming even safer, less abrasive, and much more comfortable than traditional braces. While the Gem is attached you will need to take extra good care of your teeth.

Is the Person Placing the Gem have Experience with Teeth?

Yes, Our Tooth Gem technician has 20 years working in the dental industry.

Can I get a Tooth Gem on my Crown or Veneer?

Tooth gems cannot be applied to any artificial tooth surface such as crowns, caps, veneers or dentures. * If your mouth is suffering from pour oral hygiene or you have decay present you are NOT a candite for Gem placement.

Can I Wear a Tooth Gem if I have a Retainer or Night Guard?

Tooth gems are not recommended if you are currently using a clear plastic retainer as it will not fit properly over the charm. If you are using a wire type retainer, we encourage you to bring it to your appointment so that we can ensure the gem is placed where it won’t interfere with it.

What Kind of Gems do You Use?

Swarovski crystals, they are lead free and non-toxic. They do NOT contain dangerous plastics or acrylics and are safe for oral use. They are stain resistant with a flat back and foiled platinum surface.

What Should I do to be Prepared for a Tooth Gem?

  • Make sure to properly brush your teeth before arriving for your appointment.
  • Eat + drink beforehand since there is a 2 hour wait after application.


Can I Still have my Teeth Cleaned by a Dental Professional?

Yes, they can just clean around the gem. Always practice good dental hygiene.

What if the Gem Falls Off and I Swallow it?

Don’t worry, it will pass naturally. They are lead free and non-toxic.

How do I Remove the Tooth Gem When I No Longer Want it?

They are meant to fall off naturally. We do not offer tooth gem removal. They may be removed at any time by your dentist or dental hygienist.

What Shouldn’t I Do after I Get the Tooth Gem?

  • Do not touch or play with your tooth gem with your fingers or tongue.
  • Do not eat any Hard, Sticky, Crunchy, or Chew Foods, for the first 24-hour following application.
  • Do not use an electric toothbrush for 48 hours after application. A Soft bristled toothbrush is recommended.
  • Eating Ice, biting nails, and chewing plastic could make the Gem fall off.
  • Avoid things with acid content. Example: Eating Lemons, or Limes